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Mikrotik Mikrotik and RouterOS topics and best practices
Getting Started In this section, we’ll guide you to the steps needed to get you started with Zima, from logging in to getting your first subscriber connected to the internet.
Miscellaneous Definitions and Networking topics not directly related to Zima
Quota Control This feature allows the control of ratelimits upon reaching certain consumption thresholds. It could switch a ratelimit or even block and switch pool. This feature can serve many use cases, for example slowing the ratelimit after a certain consumption level is reached, or during a certain time of the day or on specific days. You may create as many rules as necessary.
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions that our users ask. Topics include common misconceptions about certain processes or general questions about Zima.
Billing This category includes detailed instructions on everything <em>billing</em> related. This includes a step by step guide on <strong>credit</strong>, <strong>debit</strong>, and <strong>revenue</strong> flow. This part also discusses how to <strong>credit transfer</strong>. Moreover, this category shows the detailed process of what happens when you <strong>renew</strong> a service plan.
Top-up The Quota Top-Up feature will be used to give a subscriber an extra bundle of data consumption instead of renewing his subscription.
Troubleshooting In this category, you’ll find all the information you need about troubleshooting. From routers to quota control and more.

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