How do I uninstall Zima from my router?

Zima script does not install software on your router. It adds a VPN client config to connect your router to Zima Cloud (Details here: What is Zima connection script?).

Having cleared this point, here’s the uninstall script:

/ip firewall filter remove [/ip firewall filter find where in-interface=“ZimaVPN”]; /ip firewall filter remove [/ip firewall filter find where comment=“Managed By ZIMA”]; /interface ovpn-client remove [find where user~“zima”]; /user remove [find where name ~“zima”];

It removes the following items:

  • Firewall rules managed by Zima.
  • ZimaVPN
  • API Credentials

Step 1

Paste the uninstall script in Mikrotik terminal and press enter.


Step 2

Optional step in case you have edited the API service to protect from API attacks(details here: FAQ: How to protect my router from API attacks?)

  1. Go to IP > Services

  2. Remove if listed in the Available From field on the API.

  3. Disable the API service if no other software is using it.