Zima General Overview


In this section, we will show you how Zima looks like once you’ve logged in, in addition to the basic items you can find on the monitoring page (the page that appears when you first log in):

When you log in this is what will appear on your screen:


  • Top left corner, click on:


  • Here you will find your username and an option to Add Reseller:


  • click on your username, found next to your ISP logo.

  • a dropdown menu will appear with user info, service plans, and routers (these are all specific to the username):


  • On the right hand side of the monitoring page, click on Settings:

There you will find a list containing Service plans, Routers, and IP pools (notice that these are not user specific):


  • On the far right hand side, under your username, there are 2 categories:
    Organization and Log out:


  • Clicking theimageicon will give you a drop down menu with different options to use on your monitoring board:

-You can click the more button, to access colomn visibility and Reset to Defaults option:

Finally, clicking on any of the image icon will show you their consumption graph:


To learn more about how Zima works, Click here.