ProtonVPN for Mikrotik connectivity issues

This guide helps you set up your Mikrotik router for ProtonVPN:

We will demonstrate below the detailed steps:

Go to your ProtonVPN account page and then Downloads:

Scroll down to find WireGuard configuration

  • Select Router as the platform:

Scroll down to select a server, or simply click Create:

You will see a popup similar to this:

Write down the parameters to enter them in the commands below:

  • Private Key
  • Public Key
  • Endpoint IP
  • Endpoint Port

Mikrotik Terminal:

These commands are necessary to establish a connection with ProtonVPN:

/interface wireguard add listen-port=13231 mtu=1420 name=wireguard-inet private-key= "YOUR-PRIVATE-KEY"

/ip address add address= interface=wireguard-inet network=

/interface wireguard peers add allowed-address= endpoint-address=ENDPOINT-IP endpoint-port=PORT interface=wireguard-inet persistent-keepalive=25s public-key="YOUR-PUBLIC-KEY"

After pasting the commands:

Check WireGuard peers to make sure it’s connected (Running):

In IP > Routes, add a new route for

  • Destination: (
  • Gateway: (ProtonVPN gateway)


Now ZimaVPN should be connected: