Proposed solutions for Pakistan connectivity issues

Last week, a good number of ISPs in Pakistan faced connectivity issues with their routers.

Through feedback with them we learned that there was a change in routes by Transworld which is one of the major internet providers in Pakistan. The other provider is PTCL (Pie) which was not affected.
(ISPs in Pakistan feel free to correct this information by replying to this thread).

As a result, the ISPs relying on Transworld faced connectivity issues in their routers.
We wrote a few more guides and organized our documentation so it becomes more useful for whoever faces disconnectivity issues with their routers.

First of all make sure that the disconnection is not caused by accidentally removing config from your router. To make sure, you can always paste your connection script that fixes any misonfig:

If the disconnection is still there, start by pinging and checking the firewall rules:

If your router is still facing disconnection, troubleshoot the routes using this guide:

This guide also helps you specify a public IP(if you have one) as gateway for your zima vpn client.

If nothing works from the above, we developped this guide for you to set up ProtonVPN to overcome the disconnection issues:

If for any reason, your router is still not able to connect, we wrote for you this fail-safe guide that teaches you how to control your mikrotik functions without relying on ZIMA:

In general, the guides mentioned in this post are useful for any ISP facing disconnection issues.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please reply to this thread so other ISPs would benefit too. Your feedback is highly appreciated.