Premium subscription

Please make a option between free & premium. and yearly basis plan.


i am sure the yearly will be a bit difficult cause if you grow in the year the monthly will increase. But i am sure they can make fixed amount also. well am not sure yet what payment gateway is available for the client side, to make payments. I would also like to have a pre-pay option on the clients, but im sure you would need a sepret radius server.

Hello @core
Thanks for reaching out.

We will be updating our website soon to reflect how the features will be distributed.

Free mode will always be inclusive of most features with minimum limits.

Premium will have access to custom features that could have a local nature such as payment gateways, or that requires specific support and maintenance from our side such as custom domains, subscribers login and so on.

We would love to provide as many of those features in the free mode but we rely on the premium subscriptions to cover our development and operations costs.

Moreover, many thanks for every ISP that decides to support ZIMA by switching to Premium. We have been running in the past on investors money but now we need you to keep going, so that’s the idea.

For the ones that are not capable or not ready, that is also completely fine. However, we’d love you to be active on the forums and to help us by reporting bugs and completing our documentation and helping other users. That is also very helpful.

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@saint_patrick yes correct concerning the yearly option.

As for the gateways and the pre-paid cards, those features are coming soon.

:thinking: I will write a list of the features in a post with the voting option. But we will need more particiption from the users. With low participation we cannot progress fast.
If the forum participation was higher, the confusions will be cleared fast and the features will be shipped faster with FAQs and Docs.

@saint_patrick if you got any ideas to make the forum more active, would love to hear your thoughts on that.
Showing latest forum posts in the notifications section in ZIMA panel. Would that help improve forum particiption?

The one thing i would like to see is if you could create a video channel on YouTube. It would be wonderful to do a weekly example of a feature how it works and how to set it up.

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Great idea! We should work on that :point_up_2:

I will do the ‘most requested features’ post. I need to see the engagement and if users are checking the community forum.
What should we do so that users use this community forum and participate?

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So far i can thing of is the IP Pool that some clients dont understand and then also the restore of a faulty router.

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Noted :white_check_mark:

Let’s take the example of restoring a router. Could you check this post please: FAQ: How to replace an old / damaged router?

The steps look so obvious for me, got my point? I mean the screenshots are clear.
Do you think a youtube video of this one is still necessary?
Community forum, do you want video tutorials, please participate, and what topics do you need most so we start working on that?

Thank you for the well documented FAQ. as i can see the members on here is not well with tech. As i can pick up they are just started to get there feet wet in the WISP Or ISP Business. Im not sure if they are tech savvy. I am well in the home and business alarm security. I just started a small ISP from my house and and for me zima is well received. Video tutorials is always the best way as it is where the explanations on most of the workings of zima can be explained.

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