Please add speed limit options

It is very important to add priority, minimum guaranteed speed, maximum speed.
The way it is now is not right.
now has download and upload with priority 8
Please tell if you have no plans to fix it.
Please add a minimum guaranteed speed option.
A very important option.
( limit at )

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Thanks @mилен for your feedback!

Yes, we have received similar feedback asking for more flexibility in Mikrotik Notation.

They needed to keep the upload speed unchanged in the daily limit while decreasing the download speed. We also received a number of other use cases.

In order to solve those use cases without complicating the user interface, we added a field called > Mikrotik Notation

It shows the complete Mikrotik notation so that advanced users could tweak it to suit their use cases.

It is now live, please let us know if it answered your use case and if you have any further comments.

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Is there a chance you could you post a link to the Mikrotik Manual page so I can understand how to use this feature more? Thanks :+1:

Doh :man_facepalming: I’ve found the post where this is all explained. Thanks

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Hehe, no worries :sweat_smile:

By the way I was just about to post the links.

They might be useful for other users, so here are the links:

This one for Mikrotik Notation:

This one explains the Burst parameters:

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