Backup Router Assistance

Good morning.

Hope all is well. I would like to ask about a backup router option. The free version only allows 1 router but the premium allows multiple routers. i don’t run more then 1 router at a time. i am in the proses of upgrading my router but to re program all is going to be a headache any pointers for doing it to carry over the data to the backup router? I only have 7 clients.

Thanks for reaching out.

So you need to move the zima configs from your current router to a new router?

This is the guide for you:

Otherwise if you simply need to backup router in a file, you can do that directly from Mikrotik.

Let me know how it goes and feel free to reach out for any further questions.


Thank you for reaching out so quick. i have tried to copy the script over but my old router is still on Mikrotik OS 6.49.7 and i am trying to replace my router with Mikrotik Os 7.10.2. When i copy the scrip i get a portion that is stopping it from running. its like a spelling mistake but not entirely Difference in Versions. So i don’t want to brake something that is still working. what i do so far is to have a backup account but it seems my first account was opened long time ago and the new account is also different i can not move my subscribers over to the new account with out doing it manually