Zima is down Please

Good day. Recently i noticed zima keeps on signing out and in on my router. Now i recived an email zima cant see my router. This is wat my router says.

All was working all the time. No problems with fire wall, no problems with script.

I cant even open the forms. it is very slow.

As i can see this is not on the router side, it must be on the cloud side. Cause i have not changed any settings and it did connect but after a wile it disconnected again.

Thanks for reaching out. This seems like a local issue regarding your internet connection.

As mentioned before our instances are hosted using Google Cloud Compute (USA region). Our instances logs do not show any disconnection during this time.

A useful idea would be if we provide a page containing all the countries and near each country the average ping delay. When clicking on a country it shows the graph for the past days with the history of ping timeouts.

Having this kind of page will make it easier for you to confirm if the issue is a firewall on your country level.

1/ Did any other ISP in South Africa face similar disconnections during the same time?
2/ Will this page be useful so we work on it?

Your feedback is highly appreciated.


Good morning.

Thank you for the response. I will write python script to do a ping test local and international and print it out next time so i can have a scope of the latency . My ISP was not down a i was doing some work, All seemed fine.

Yes, this page will be to rule out the cases when your local internet connection works fine but faces delays or timeouts from the public IP of zima vpn that is located in the US.

Based on the logs information after some time, if this incident is happening regularly we will deploy a ZIMA version in Google data centre in South Africa (Cape Town or Johannesberg). This means that the public IP will become in South Africa and will have low latency and will be immune to this type of incidents. The script will be simply adjusted to connect to: za.vpn.zima.cloud

Feedback is welcome from ISPs that faced similar incidents (not necessarily South African ISPs). Any other ISPs faced the same? Your feedback is much appreciated on this thread.


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Good day.
Merry Christmas.

I would like to follow up on the za.vpn.zima.cloud server. If it is already up and running. Latly My Sima is disconecting now way to much. Could you confirm the Settings for the South Africa Cloud?

Thank you
Saint Patrrick

Hello @saint_patrick
Merry Christmas,

Currently on average the ping delay of ISPs in South Africa is around 250ms which is very acceptable.

There are fluctuations sometimes but for a short period.

Concerning your use case it sounds a local issue and not country related.

Concerning ZA.VPN.ZIMA.CLOUD I will create a post to see if there is interest. We need at least 10 ISPs from South Africa to consider opening a VPN instance for ZA.

We will continue the discussion there.


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