ZIMA has been unable to reach router *****-***** since 111 minutes

Hi. I’m sorry now for some reason i have lost connection to my router. I have done the trouble shooting on my router and i get a connection and all but the cloud still says i don’t have connection. Is there some thing I’m doing wrong or missing some thing.


ZimaVPN is connected but you also need to check the firewall rules that could be blocking traffic.

Check step2 here:

Hi I have cheked all and i have reloaded the router config script. I have blacked out an ip I’m not sure if it can be public.

Oky i have found the problem. Zima. Cloud stops pinging your router after a few minutes. Just go to the router under settings. Disable the router and reenable it. mine just came back online.

Those are all correct, the issue is not from them.
Remains the NAT rules screenshot, did you check it? Most of the times it is from there.

It is not a problem, it doesn’t expose any risks. It is a local IP and allocated to you by the VPN server.
The only one that should not be shared is API username and API password.

Yes but after 3days (72hours) and it will notify you by email and in zima notifications that it got disabled. Also you can see it near the router the sign Disabled instead of Active. So your issue was not caused by this one.

I think the issue was from NAT rule blocking connection to zima cloud. When you pasted script again, it fixed it. This was basically enough.
It takes about 1minute, after refreshing the page you see the router becomes Active (before it was showing Disconnected).

Good morning.

Thank you for your respose.

Well the reloading of script was done 3 times and it was lef for almost 3 hours, with no effect. After i disabled the router with in zima.cloud routre settings it restored with in 10 seconds. For now its working again with all data synced.

Well this is my nat, As i do not see the ip in there for zima.cloud. But zima is fully connected and synced and working at the moment.

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Ah ok good to know, we should be revisiting this sometime later to debug and understand the reason why this happened in the first place and to eliminate it by design. Thanks for reporting this.

Yes it looks good. It does not restrict NATing to a specific pool, and as a result it does not restrict ZIMA VPN range which is the 10.214..

This is what we usually look for when debugging NAT rules, the restriction to this range.

Thanks for your feedback!

Thank you for the response. Well i also learned a lot. Well i brake things first and then try to fix them… The only way to learn.

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Sure, having a sandbox environment also helps for experimenting and learning. Keep it up!