Troubleshooting Router Connectivity

When there is a connectivity problem with one or more routers, you’ll see messages similar to these:

Here are some steps to troubleshoot and solve your router connectivity issue:

1. Ping

Ping from the router

In Winbox, go to: Tools / Ping
Ping To:

Latency should be <500ms.

If DNS is not resolving check the default route and DNS.
In winbox, go to: IP / DNS and IP addresses are for Google Public DNS.
You may set other DNS too but those work.

Ping again to test. It should be working and your router is connected again.

2. Check Firewall rules

Filter rules:

To start fresh, go to IP/Firewall and remove all rules that are labelled default configuration.
Or you can adjust existing rules to allow access from

NAT rules:

If you are using DST-NAT, look for rules with Dst-Port same as API (default is 8728) and make the following change:

  • Dst-Address = [!]

3. Routing Protocols

Check your routing protocols and remove any entries in the 10.214.x.x range:

  • Routing > BGP > Networks
  • Routing > RIP > Networks
  • Routing > OSPF > Networks
  • Routing > OSPFv3 > Area Ranges

To verify your configuration, go to IP > Routes and make sure is accessible only via ZimaVPN.