Zima cloud not updating online status

Zima cloud not updating online user status rapidly it takes too much time to get update the status earlier it took 2 to 5 minutes to refresh the status

What is the RouterOS version?

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I’m facing the same issue.

My router Version is 7.14.2

Those new accounts in MikroTik they online but Zima they offline since 3 days I’m having this problem

Did the problem start when you upgraded RouterOS to 7.14.2?

If so, then please downgrade to a previous version for the moment so it works again.
This is how: Downgrade to an earlier version of RouterOS

Meanwhile we will debug this version and will share the findings in this thread and will work on the fix.

We downgrade os7.14 to os 7.8 but up to know not working well Zima

Could u please check and see from your end

noted, so there is a recent misconfig (from your side) that caused this. We will debug to detect the issue and will share the findings here.

Update: just checked again after you downgraded to 7.8, the connections are showing in green normally. No issues observed anymore. If you face any issues post them in this thread so we follow up.

Just a thought. When zima fails to update the status. Remember that the connection from your router to zima also stops. Try and disable the zima vpn and re-enable it. the retries of zima will try and connect to the master server again. after a few fail attempts it will stop and does not retry again unless you disable the vpn and re-enable it.