Web page when the customer has not paid

Web page when the customer has not paid.

How can we do this with zima.cloud billing?

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i am sure you can do a dns route on your mikrotik. I have also looked in to it. Zima keeps on renewing clients autamaticly.

The page redirection was possible during the http days. It was done as follows:

With Https this cannot be done anymore.
It is sad because it was handy back then and simple.

We are aiming to solve the https redirection problem by the Notifications feature (still work-in-progress not released yet). It allows you to send an automated email/sms/whatsapp/or push notifocation when the account is about to expire, and when it expires with a link to the client portal for more information. This is probably the best approach to solve this problem.

Let us know if this solution does work for you.

As for the keep renewing issue that you mentioned, it is not a bug, you can stop the auto-renew by setting a price for your service plan. It’s documented here for your reference:

Fix it as mentioned and let us know if you still have any issues remaining. Always happy to assist :man_technologist::sun_with_face: