TopUp Function for capped users

I have been using Splynx for the past few months, and have decided to switch over to ZIMA.

One of the most important features that I need is the ability to do topups for capped users.

User gets a 20GB allocation on the 1st day of the month
By the 20th of the month the user has depleted his allocation and is blocked or throttled.
User logs in to portal (or contacts the provider) and does a 10GB topup that gets invoiced at a specified price
User gets reconnected.


+1 @zimateam, most anticipated feature.

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most needed and required feature @jurgens_kruase. Since last year and no show

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Our customers always need top up tokens, what is the work around for this? Do we just create a 1gig and 5 gig plan and apply it to the subscriber that needs a topup and then change them back at the end of the month?

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Thanks @Jurgens_Krause for the feature suggestion. Thanks @hssindigo @isaacb @Stewart for your comments.

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