Let's Discuss: The Invoicing Feature


The Invoicing feature will be used to generate invoices for the subscribers.
Invoices can be printed or saved as pdf to be printed later.
An admin or reseller will select a number of his subscribers and generate invoices for them.


  • A4 is the most common to print invoices. One invoice per page. Does anyone require A5 format or other formats?
  • Does anyone prefer to pool multiple invoices on the same paper? for example 4 invoices on each A4 paper. They will be cut later.
  • Editing the invoice template. What are the needed parameters for your invoices. There will be company logo, subscriber contact info, your company info, invoice id, invoice date


Any further thoughts, let’s discuss.

I think paper size should not be part of a discussion, they can be adjusted on the print settings,

Points to look after for

  1. Compliance - In India we need to show the HSN/SAC code of service and tax bifurcation in Cental GST, State GST and InterState GST.

  2. Tax invoice - Suggestion - Zima to collect various tax invoice templates of diffrent countries and provide template options.

  3. Zima should have a CRM and ticketing solutions before implementation of invoicing.

Noted: each invoice will be on one page. Paper size will be specified in print stage.

Great idea, if you have a sample invoice you can send. With highlights of the important parameters mentioned in the previous point.

For ticketing, would you elaborate more.
The chatbox tawk.to is also a ticketing software. How about integrating it in zima subdomain, the subscibers will be able to chat directly with their ISP if they are online. When the admin is offline, he can answer the ticket later

Integration of tawk.to with our subdomain would be a great idea if implemented sooner since we can use both our tawk account to keep in touch with our customers through our own website and subdomain.zima.cloud

But it would be great if we can use zima with our domain name and a complete single page website with a minimal charge for this.

I will provide billing templates for you by this evening.