Release 2022-06-07 Audit Log feature

Hello community :wave:

We have recently released the audit log feature:

Did you have the chance to check it out?

Looking forward for your feedback and comments :person_raising_hand:


Audit log is a very important feature release.
Would love to see export and filter option to it.

Thanks Zima

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Thanks @harshad

Your feedback is highly appreciated!

Noted :white_check_mark:

We will include that shortly and will update this thread.

A useful bit of information that I would like to see is the IP address of the user/device performing the action.

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Good point, the IP looks useful. However figuring out the device’s IP from which they have logged in is not possible if it was a local IP :thinking:
I will check with team and will get back to you on this one.

IP of the device from which they have logged in is not possible. Public IP could be logged but not sure this is what you’re looking for.

We added the Export function and the filters for the columns as shown in the screenshot below:

audit log

Would you like to test?

We’re looking forward for your feedback :memo: :open_book:

Thank you! :blush:

Could Audit log show when service plans are changed?
Currently it is shown as part of: Edit Subscriber

Seeing this action as: Changed service plan
is important for us

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Thanks @zunaid for the feedback

Great point, ok noted.

Does anyone have the same use case? please like zunaid’s topic or reply with your comments

Hi there, sorry I missed your reply but yes, Public IP would be useful. Thanks again.

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Ah ok noted :white_check_mark:

If we implement 2 Factor Authentication (2FA)
it protects from any hacking attempts.

Saving the Public IP in Audit log, would it still be needed?

Thanks again for your feedback!