Question about new release: plans with duration = 12months

I noticed you released a new version, congrats!

Most of my users were on 1month and were not affected but I had a few users where I had specified service plan duration = 12 months. How to go about them with the new release?

Thank you beforehand :innocent:

Thanks @mилен for the feedback.

Don’t worry about the yearly plans, we will be handling this type of plans (along with the quarterly, semi-yearly) just in the upcoming release.

The invoicing and payments will be answered in a universal and clean way that is simple and easy for everyone to understand.

The duration will become on the subscriber level instead of Service plan level.
For example:
It will be possible for 2 different subscribers to be registered to the same service plan (5Mbps for example)
Subscriber 1 is billed every 3months while
Subscriber 2 is billed every month

Same Service plan configs etc. but different billing cycles. It gives flexibility and allows a better management experience instead of recreating different types of the same service plans just to cater for the different billing cycles.

We will elaborate more on that in future posts very soon.

Hope this explanation helps. Feel free to ask any other questions!

Let me ask when you are going to fix what you are talking about.

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