Is the new 7.5 version of mikrotik suitable?

Is the new 7.5 version of mikrotik suitable?
Which version is best?
Asking about the versions ( 7 )

Yes we have released a hotfix for RouterOS 7.4 and up.

Here are the release details for your reference:

You can safely upgrade RouterOS to 7.5+ without any concerns.

Looking forward for your feedback for any bug reports or suggestions.

Good luck! :raising_hand_man:

It’s my old router 6.49.6 Stable
The new router I have to install is 7.5 and I’m worried.
What is the easiest way to transfer the billing configuration?

To upgrade your router to RouterOS 7.5 you only need to do that from your Winbox. No changes required from ZIMA side.

As mentioned in our release notes below, it will be functional without any major issues:

Note that you’ll still be seeing in your winbox double queues which might look odd but the functionality is not affected so no worries.
We will solve that in our upcoming release that will stop creating dynamic queues altogether. Only IP based simple queues will be created instead of interface based queues. More details will be shared soon in our next release notes.

However if (for any reason) you decided to revert back to your current RouterOS version you can downgrade as described here: Downgrade to an earlier version of RouterOS

Feel free to ask any other questions

If it’s up to me, I’ll stay at 6.49.6
The router model is: CCR2116-12G-4S+
Not sure if it supports 6.49.6 and is it ok to downgrade it.

The RouterOS 7.4 is not problematic anymore except for the double queues.

However, if you prefer to wait until we solve it completely then you could keep using the RouterOS 6.49.6. It is totally functional without issues :+1:

Let us know if there are any other concerns

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