Mikrotik RouterOS v7.4 backward compatibility issue (RESOLVED 2022.09.09)


Mikrotik has released a new version of RouterOS, version 7.4.
By default, ZIMA replaces dynamic queues with simple queues in order to function properly.
After RouterOS 7.4, dynamic queues became sticky and can’t be removed anymore.

What are the main symptoms?

  1. Subscriber stops showing as online/offline in ZIMA subscribers page.
  2. Consumption graphs :bar_chart: stops logging new data. The graphs will show as if the consumption has stopped since your RouterOS update.
  3. Quota Control stops to propagate to the Mikrotik the limits upon quota reach (for example: Daily and Monthly limits).
  4. Dynamic queues will keep showing in Mikrotik along with Simple queues. So you’ll see a long list of doubled queues.


We are working on a fast release that adapts to the RouterOS 7.4+ changes.

In the meantime, you may revert back to RouterOS v7.3.1 or earlier v6.
Here’s a guide to downgrade to an older version of RouterOS. for your convenience.


We have fixed the compatibility issue with Mikrotik RouterOS v7.4 on 2022.09.09 04:00PM


  1. Solved :white_check_mark:
  2. Solved :white_check_mark:
  3. Solved :white_check_mark:
  4. Dynamic queues still show in Mikrotik: You’ll be still seeing double queues which might look odd but the functionality is not affected so no worries.

We will be solving the 4th issue completely in our upcoming release that will stop creating dynamic queues altogether. Only simple queues, and they will be IP based instead of interface based. More details will be shared soon in our next release notes.


There’s no need to downgrade to any previous versions, Zima works just fine with any RouterOS version v7.4 and up