I need some help with dhcp

My Dhcp, how to distributed correctly?

I want the addresses to change dynamically

Thanks for the feedback.
Would you elaborate more with a screenshot if you can?

Currently DHCP is not supported the same way PPPoE and other protocols are supported. We need to add DHCP soon as it is highly used too.

General recommendation for community questions:
Always elaborate with a screenshot and a few details to make the question more specific.
It helps us give the best suited answer. Also your question becomes helpful for community members who are facing the same issue.

Thanks again and feel free to ask as many questions!

I use pppoe but the addresses do not change when reconnecting.

DHCP and PPP are different protocols. So is it PPP or DHCP that is not working correctly?

PPP should work well with ZIMA.

Would you please provide a step by step example with a sample IP pool and specify the issue taking place. Otherwise we will not be able to help correctly. Screenshots are also helpful if you can do that. Looking forward for your feedback.

This is a pppoe with dynamic addresses.
after pppoe relogin in to change the ip address.

Ok so you want to fix the IP for the user so that they get the same IP everytime they reconnect?
This is possible by specifying the fixed IP for the user in a field called Framed-IP.

This is how it is done: How to set up a Framed IP or Public IP

And this is how you make sure that your framed IP is working correctly: How to make sure Framed IP is working

Hope that this has answered your use case, otherwise please let me know.

No I don’t want to get the same ip address every time

(framed ip ; And it doesn’t work properly. If we have 1 common pool, ip addresses are duplicated.- this is another topic.)

There is definitely something wrong in your IP pools config causing this.

Feel free to reach out to our support so we assist you and teach you how to do it correctly.

this is not the topic.

I want to change addresses.

(And for static addresses, this with 2 pools is a compromise. It doesn’t have to be that way.)

I want to change the ip address. When the client turns off his router and turns it on to get a new ip address.

Mikrotik selects an IP automatically from the pool when a user reconnects, ZIMA is not involved here. No conflicts should happen here unless there is a misconfig.

Please let’s schedule a session so we assist you to set up your pools correctly. You can reach out to the webchat anytime and we’ll take it from there.