I m not able to add new subcribers

i m not able to add new subcribers.

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admin or manager? please give screenshot.

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Hello @kaushik
You are welcome to the forum.

Hello @core thanks for helping other users :sunflower::clap: would love to see more users supporting in the community forums.

@kaushik could you please send a screenshot of the issue that you are facing?

Welcome Kaushik. This is a the rite place to request help. I am sure we can assist you on that. If you can help us on sending some screen shots on where you have the problems we can advise on what to do. The main reason it can cause this is Read only policy or if you block Zima from your router and it is not communicating correctly to the cloud. I.E firewall rules. Please share some logs of your Mikrotik router to see if Zima. Cloud is communicating API protocol.

Iā€™m writing the findings here in case other users face this issue.

I debugged and found that they had an empty IP pool that was also linked to a service plan with subscribers and it was causing this issue:
When clicking the (+) button to add subscribers, the modal form was not loading.

This could happen to organizations that were not active when we released our IP pools update. We did a migration for all the active ones.
So if any other users activated their old subdomains and faced this issue, they could solve it simply by creating a new IP pool and deleting the old one. For any further assistance they could also reach out to us using the live webchat.


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