How to use the Migrator


The migrator is a simple utility that helps you import lists of subscribers.
If you’re migrating from the old on-premises version you may check: Migrate from Zima Radius to Zima Cloud

Before you begin, make sure to assign the service plans and routers to the reseller to which you’re importing the list. Zima makes sure that the inputs are coherent and that the service plans, routers are assigned to this reseller otherwise it will guide you with error messages to correct the mistakes until the list is valid.

First, fill out a spreadsheet with the following fields: PPPoE Name, PPPoE Password, Service Name, Router Name you may fill other optional fields First Name , Last Name , Email , Expiry Date , MAC , Framed IP , Street , City , State or Region , Postal Code , Home Phone , Mobile Phone , Work Phone , Comments

  • On the subscribers page, click the Migrator menu item found here:

  • Select the reseller you want to move subscribers to.

  • Copy data from the spreadsheet and paste it in the migrator

  • Select the appropriate fields to import

  • Click Migrate
  • If the fields are correct, the migration is done. Otherwise, you’ll be guided with messages to correct the fields until you have them right.