How to subscribe to ZIMA premium?

i want to buy this product how to pay from nepal

how to buy your licence for 1000 subscribers

Welcome @janakpur to ZIMA community and thanks for your feedback!

You can subscribe by clicking on the menu on the top right >> My account >> then the tab Subscription.

Having said that, we encourage you to explore ZIMA and to use it in Free mode for a while in order to get used to the different functions and then you could upgrade if needed, or you could choose to keep using the Free version.

Good luck and feel free to reach out to our webchat or forum for any further questions.


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Hello sir I am also from nepal
first of all you should try its trail and then after you should purchase

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Hello @nishan1

Yes it is basically ZIMA Free mode not trial because you could use it indefinitely, no time limit.

Thanks for your feedback and for helping out others in the community forum.


how to add service plan 3month 6 month 12 month

Hello @janakpur and thanks for reaching out!

The 3, 6 and 12months option will be implemented in the revamp. We are working on it.

Here are the details that we answered in another post about this topic: Question about new release: plans with duration = 12months

Feel free to ask any further questions.