How to privilege the new manager to see customers?

How to privilege the new manager to see customers ?

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By default a manager has access to the subscribers that belong to him.

Could you elaborate more about what privilege exactly do you want to give to the manager?


I want a manager / worker to be able to take payments but have fewer privileges.
Must see all customers without moving.

So for example, allow a manager to add an assistant account, where they customize the permissions to just renewing accounts (not allowed to add, edit, delete subscribers etc.).

This feature can be done, but we need to implement a prerequisite feature before this one called activity log.

With multiple users acting on the same objects, conflicts will occur so as a safety measure, the activity log will keep things traceable and transparent.

Did I describe the requirements correctly? Let me know if this is the feature that you want.

Thanks :raising_hand_man:

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Must be able:

  1. To renew accounts.
  2. To edit a service plan in the client’s profile.
  3. To edit customer data (phone number, address, comment, street, city, etc. in the profile tab).
    Our assistant needs to see all users.

That’s what I think should happen.


Yes, perfectly aligned with the scope of the planned feature.

To allow access to all subscribers, the assistant account will be added under the admin, and the permissions customized accordingly.

Noted :white_check_mark:

Thanks for your feedback!

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I need this too.
And I also need an account of view only for the front desk to see all customers

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This is forgotten :slight_smile:

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No not forgotten at all :smiley: thanks for your reminder anyway.
It is a core feature on our roadmap and it will be developped as mentioned in this thread above.
But it was just delayed because we need to finish the feature related to notifications and billing first.
We had some obstacles related to system design decisions that might cause backwards compatibility issues. We solved most of them, and we’ll proceed further again. Sorry for the delays but we’re still working on it.

Maybe a features roadmap would make our users life easier. Would you like us to write a post about our features roadmap? Let us know on this thread or by voting on this post.

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As part of this feature can you look at MFA for logins too?

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Multi Factor Authentication can be planned too.

Thanks for your feedback!

We can start by giving the option for MFA through Google Authenticator app, and later extend it with other methods.

Other ZIMA users interested in Multi Factor Authentication please like this post or let us know by replying to this post


This feature would provide another layer of security to zima subscribers, email notifications from login with ip source would also be helpful.