2FA setup on account

Good day. I would like to know if 2FA can be implemented due to the rise in unautherised access to accounts.

Hello @saint_patrick

Thanks for your question.

Yes 2FA or Two-Factor-Authentication is a needed feature and it is planned. Some call it also MFA or Multi-Factor-Authentication.

For those who are not familiar with it:
It is a feature that allows the user to add an extra layer of security when accessing their account. It sends an OTP or a One-Time-Password to his mobile or email usually a 4-digit number. This 4-digit number ensures that only him can access his account and no other hacker or attacker could log in.

Having said that, I’ll talk a bit about our releases. We still did not release the 2FA yet because we have been busy with other needed fixes.

However, we added the activity log feature that allows you to inspect the actions done in the system. It does not replace the need for 2FA but it complements it.

Two factor authentication is planned and it will be part of a future release once we finish from our current needed fixes.

Here’s a thread where Two factor authentication was discussed by the community if you’d like to also add your opinion there it helps: