How to configure your first Mikrotik Router


After you have added your router in Zima, now it’s time to connect it.

  1. The router will appear with no link:

  1. Click on Copy:

  1. Login to your router using winbox

  2. Open New Terminal, Right click, select Paste and press Enter

note: do not use Ctrl-V.


After pasting, make sure that no error occurs after pressing enter.

  1. Go to Settings, Click on Routers to see the status of the router
  • It should take a few seconds to connect
    You can refresh to make sure the status is ACTIVE. The router used here is test1.

At this stage, Zima OpenVPN interface should be connected:

  1. Click on the router, in this case test1:

  1. Go to Config and click on Add PPPoE Server:

  1. Choose the physical interface:

Now, let’s add your first subscriber.

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