How should I setup for my Manager Accounts?

Hello Zima,
Actually, I am testing your cloud radius in my real world. When I insert newly manager account in my system with the same parent Manager account permission. But, when I login via new manager account, nothing to show me subscribers of previous inserted because I have to update and check the condition about my subscribers in here. Also I inserted new subscribers via new manager account and then when I check via the Parent Manager account, subscribers page does not show me all subscribers. That’s why, please kindly guide for me how to setup it.

Hi there,

The parent manager can access his own, and the submanagers’ subscribers.

In this example, John Doe is the parent manager and is currently logged in:

Select the submanager (jd) from the dropdown as shown to view their subscribers.

Hope this helps!

Yes, I see it but I means when I login to zima radius via main manager, subscriber list should be show automatically the all sub-managers’ subscribers.