Clean up unnecessary IP Pools

Our previous default config created 4 IP pools. For a simpler management experience, we have narrowed the default IP pools config to just two: online-pool and offline-pool.

If you happen to have 4 IP pools, no worries. This guide shows you how you can clean the unnecessary pools to simplify your configuration.

Two Steps

1. Edit the service plans

  • Log in as admin and go to Settings > Service Plans:

  • Select a service plan:

  • Instead of having default-blocked, default-ruleBlocked as separate pools, we will set them all to default-expired as displayed in the screenshot below:

Repeat the steps for ALL your service plans.

2. Delete the unused pools

After that you have edited the IP pools section of all your service plans.

  • Go to Settings > IP Pools

  • Now we can delete default-blocked and default-ruleBlocked as shown in the screenshot below:

Optional: Rename the expired pool to offline-pool

  • Select default-expired and click the edit button:

  • Rename it to offline-pool and click Save Changes:

Congratulations, you have cleaned up the unnecessary IP pools for a simpler management experience.