Automatic Notifications (Email, SMS, Whatsapp, Telegram, Push)


Notify users based on specific triggers.

Type of triggers

On Expiring soon
On Expired
On Quota reached
On User Paid
On Router offline for more than 15min


Email, SMS, Whatsapp, Telegram, Web push notification to users app.


The admin has control over which subscribers receive emails and enables that before they can receive the emails.


Let us discuss this feature

Admin gets an option to enable email notification before x number of days of expiry to customers.


Noted, in this case, the subscriber will be receiving 2 email notifications. First one before x days, and the second one upon expiry

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I also need a feature where uncapped users reach there daily or monthly FUP that a email can be send to them automatic to warn them. It would be nice if you can customize the email by looks and words to fit your business profile.

How about adding a feature for an admin to send a bulk email to all subscribers. For instance a planned network outage due to maintenance etc.


That would really be good. If it could have a an option to filter by clients connected to specific routers and ports with be even better