Zima vpn is disconnected why?

Sometimes it happens to me to disconnect and connect zima vpn.
What could be the reason for this?
Maybe a flood?
In case of loss of connection, all clients are offline.
Last down Feb/09/2022 15:28:48 Bulgaria time.

This should not happen, How often is this happening (the ovpn disconnection)?

On another note, if the router shows as disconnected, it does not affect your users connections. They still get internet normally. When the router is connected again, the configs are synchronized again.

Let me know if the disconnections are happening frequently at your router to debug what could be the cause.

when vpn is back online zima.cloud removes all users.
Then zima.cloud adds them again.

You mean the queues not the users.

By design, ZIMA doesn’t interfere with connections, it is there for graphs monitoring and synchronizing. And it does them smoothly and as light as possible on the router CPU and on bandwidth.

So when vpn connects again, ZIMA replaces the dynamic queues with simple queues but this does not disturb the users connectivity.

Let us know if this is not what you meant so we explain further so that everything becomes clear.