Zima On-premises (v2.9) will be retired by the end of 2018

Dear community,

The old on-premises Zima version (v2.9) will be completely retired by the end of 2018.

For all users who are still using it, we recommend switching to the new cloud version before the end of this year.

The main reasons for this decision:

  • On-premises Zima was built upon Ubuntu 12.04 that reached its end of life in April, 2017
  • Mikrotik release 6.32.1 (simple queues - restrict all changes in dynamic simple queues). This change interfered with the way the old quota control feature updated Mikrotik rate limits.
  • Zima cloud version is there to replace the old version that have just reached its limits.


Zima team

Hello, team!

What do you guys mean by “retired”?

My - activated and working - copy of Zima 2.9 will be remotely disabled by the end of the year? Or you guys mean the premium plans won’t be renewable anymore?


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Hello @isoppo,

Yes, everything v2.9 including Freemium version. The ubuntu version 12.04 is out of support since April 2017. We have been recommending the switch to the cloud version since then.

Most have switched to cloud, but some had a concern about the lack of Cloud Freemium version (similar to your case). Sorry about any inconvenience caused by the stopping of old Freemium, but we had to because we are unable to keep maintaining 2 systems simultaneously.

Would you consider the switch to the new version? No worries about pricing, it’s subsidized for early adopters through Community Discounts.

Let us know if you consider the switch, and if no, why so we can understand and see if there’s anyway we can help.

Hi, @support.zima!

Sad to hear. Zima has been working great for us for about a year now.

I’ll probably run a pure FreeRadius installation. We went for Zima as our former network admin left the company and his old FreeRadius implementation, running on CentOS 5, started showing up a ton of issues.

We won’t switch to Zima Cloud because it’s against company policy to run stuff “in the cloud”, as we own a T3 datacenter.
Also, our FreeRadius usage is pretty basic. It’s only for authentication and to keep track of PPP session stats.

Sad to see you guys are killing v2.9. It’s been pretty much rock solid for us.

Best regards,

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