Zima Cloud IPs for API User

The API user for Zima cloud need full access. This is an unsafe approach to allow all IPs to access API user from Public interface. The Zima source IP or Subnet should be use in order to ensure controlled access to a priviliged user from internet.

What are the public IPs that Zima cloud will use to connect customer routers?


Hi faisalusuf,

API is enabled by default on all routers, and it’s not IP restricted. What matters most is the admin credentials on your router. You should always use strong passwords to protect your device.

As an answer to your question, Zima currently uses to access API, and the credentials are very secure (they are randomly generated as well). But the IP might change over time, stay up to date!

Hope this helps.

Good day. I have the same concern as @faisalusuf. I am very focused on securing my router, so this is a very valid concern. Could @support.zima please give us some feedback on this?