Wan Fault Notification

Good day.

I would like to know is there a possibility that my Zima cloud can parodically test my Router to see if it can access it. If it can not see my router, rather to send an email or a notification to alert the Admin of a down WAN router.

I have tested the Email notification on my RB4011 but if my router looses Internet it can not send out the email.

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Thanks for reaching out!

ZIMA already does that now. Here’s how it is does it:

  • It tests the router connectivity every minute
  • If the router is disconnected it displays a warning in the notifications section
  • After 15minutes of disconnection, it sends you an email

Let us know if that clarified things for you and if you have any further questions feel free to ask them.

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Thank you for the fast response. Would you point me to the direction on how to set this up, would it also be posable to send a notidication to clients or only to the system admin

It is set up already. You could verify that by checking your inbox for emails coming from notification@zima.cloud

It is only for system admin because it has to do with the ISP core router and not the clients CPE (Client Premises Equipment).

However a notification system for clients is a good idea. But not emails, probably web push notifications to a light progressive app that the clients install on their phone.

How can i confirm the email notification cause i have cheeked the notification@zima.cloud in my inbox and i have never received any email from that address.

After 15minutes it sends an email.
Try looking into spam folder

Okay i have noticed i must be a subscriber to get the notifications so i subscribed just now. but i made a new topic cause i experienced a new problem just now.