User Custom Field option

HI Zima Support,

can you please add custom field option in user information page. where we will modify it as per our requirments.

waiting for your reply.


+1 for this feature, @support.zima


Good idea, but this one might take time to implement. Instead if you have specific fields to be added please list them. We’ll try to add them soon.
Let’s use this thread to list all the extra fields needed in order to be able to store effectively users details.

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Dear Zima,

Currently Required User CNIC or National ID Card Details. other will update you here.

Googled CNIC, it is country specific to Pakistan, it stands for: Computerized National Identity Card.
How about the generic term:
National Identity Card Number

Any other fields or attachments needed?

Dear Zima Support,

Yes National ID is good. and also provide attachment fields option. where we will upload sign documents of users and their National ID card front and back side for our record.

Thanks for your response…