Usage Graph - Easier to Access

Hi Zima Users,

You can now get user graphs easily with the new button added just next to secret.

Great to see zima developer team working towards new features.


Great stuff guys that is indeed a handy tool, would it be possible to do a speed graph also ?
Its just that we get some of our users complaining of poor speeds but then when we look at the tx/rx graph on the router that are getting the correct speed but other devices behind the router are gobbling up resources.
So if they could see a rx/tx graph that would be super.

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would it be possible to do a speed graph also ?

We can actually extrapolate the speed from the current graph simply by dividing the minute consumption by 60seconds and multiplying by 8 to get the results in bps (bits per second).

However the speeds graph will look exactly like the current graph but with rate limits instead.

When users complain about bandwidth speed and they have other devices running simultaneously. So looking at the graph would help pinpoint the consumption in certain periods of time.

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Yeah we get users with multiple devices behind routers complaining of poor speeds, It would be great just to have another bar beside the data usage on the left to have the speed, it would be a nice addition if it were possible.

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It’s possible, however it only gives correct results when the period (from, to) is in few hours.
For the rest of cases when checking consumption over a day or a few days, it becomes misleading.
The reason for that is the following:
If a subscriber consumed 15MB over a period of 2mins with a rate of 1Mbps and stops for the next 8 minutes.
It shows correct 1Mbps only when the graph is displayed with 2mins step.
When the graphs step exceeds 2min and for example becomes 4mins, it’ll display 512k (as the average speed across the 4mins). When the graph steps is 8mins, it’ll display 256kbps and so on.

So it mostly makes sense when the graph step is 1min. Will need to think more about this one.

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Indeed you have a good point