Urgently need to pay for support

We have been trying to evaluate Zima for some time now.
We are using internet provided by Satellite so there is a 600ms delay to the cloud.
We are using a Microtic HAP Lite with WiFi

If we follow the generic Zima instructions then the metering does not work.
This is allegedly caused by some firewall settings and NAT settings that interfere with the counters.

The guys from Zima did login to fix the problem by deleting some firewall rules, however this resulted in the Router not being able to work as a PPPoE server and our clients then could not connect.

If I delete the bridge, then the clients can again connect, however I can no longer administer the router through the other ETH ports. I am guessing I should only delete the port on the PPPoE server.

We no longer have time to be trying randonm suggestions to configure the router and are seeking some professional advice.

If we decide to proceed with this project then there will be several hundreds of microtic installations in a national school classroom network, it is therefore important to us that we have professional consultancy on hand if we face issues (such as this) . We would obviously not have time to use the free community in such situations.

Are there any Zima / Microtic experts that are available to professionally assist with configuration and planning on a professional time and materials remunerated basis?

I can be contacted stewart.harding@diplomat.co.uk

Thanks for your time

Hi Stewart,
Can you give me more details on what your project is for using zima and mikrotik. I can help you.

Kind regards

Hello Kobus,
Thanks for the reply.
We are an ISP in Eswatini, we are rolling out a National hotspot using Vsat technology and Tanaza.
Along with the hotspot we will be broadcasting an unmetered wireless signal that we hope to manage with Zima.
This will be for offices and businesses wishing to have monthly contacts for their lans.
For this we will use a cloud router.

However the product I am trying to evaluate now is for a schools project.
Using the same hotspot controller we will broadcast public internet from the schools as a wifi hotspot.
We wish to use a low cost Microtic in the classroom to feed the school lan and ensure we can police this so it can only be used for lessons.
We will be giving the school a time limited connection from 7am to 4pm Monday to Friday and this is what the main use of Zima will be.

There are about 800 schools so we want a low cost easy to manage solution and Microtic/Zima seemed a great fit. If there are alternatives please feel free to suggest as we are not yet committed to any solution.

I hope that is enough information for you.


Hi Stewart,

We are also a ISP but in South-Africa. We are not guru’s but two minds is sometimes better then one.

I just want to get all the info from you to get the overall picture of how your network will work at each school. What hotspot controllet will tou use?

I emailed you is there some otherway that we can communicate like whatsapp etc?

Kind regards

Dear Stewart,

Zima server is hosted on Google Cloud, globally we see a ping of 50-300ms range which is normal, issue with high ping I suspect is the satellite link, usually the SAT links have additional latency, can you please share result of ping google.com.

I can provide you with support for the issue you facing, you can PM me read-only credentials from your Mikrotik with IP for remote login or email me on harshad(at)indigocomputers.in

Hello Hssindigo,
Thanks for the response. The ping latency is not flagged as a problem, it is mentioned for information purposes only. Synchronous orbit satellites are at 38,000KM so the 4 hop round trip will always take 500ms or so.

Our problem is the rate limit and metering on the Microtic does not work