The Bulgarian currency is written after the number with a dot,

The Bulgarian currency is written after the number with a dot,

Correct this is correctly ( 50лв. )

This is wrong (лв50)

If you can please correct it.

Noted :white_check_mark:

Best way to implement this one would be to allow customization of currency display (Before number, After number).

We’ll work on that soon.

Thanks for your feedback!

I will wait for that :slight_smile:

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Will there be any changes soon?

Sorry for the delay, I reviewed this feature request and will list the details below for clarity.

As mentioned earlier in the thread, the plan is to have this detail adjustable from preferences:
to allow customization of currency display:
Before number (лв50) | After number (50лв)

The sections where the display will take effect:

  1. Select subscriber, dropdown actions, Renew:
    example: Renew (50лв) instead of Renew (лв50)

  2. Edit subscriber form, Service plan field:
    example: 5mbps (50лв) instead of 5mbps (лв50)

Other sections include:
3. Managers, table: Balance field
4. Manager, edit, service plan: prices display there
5. Manager, credits: prices display there

Any other sections where you need it implemented?

Looking forward for your feedback

when will this be ready?
I wrote to you about many changes.
I temporarily solved the problem with static addresses but it is not correct to divide my network into 2 pools.

I will answer the currency question on this thread.
Did you read my comment above concerning the currency fix for Bulgaria? Please let me know if this is what you are requesting.

Concerning the other question, please post it again it its own thread for better clarity, one topic per thread. Looking forward for your reply.

I don’t know how many places the price is shown.
Yes, this is it.

Basically the ones I listed cover almost everything but just wanted your confirmation of the bug.

Thanks for confirming, I’ll check with dev team and will get back here asap.