Subscriber password change

would it be possible to add a feature for a subscriber to be able to change their password once they have logged in to view their usage? Like in the top right corner where they have the option to log out, add another option to change password.

I know its available under “forgot password”, but believe it or not, not all our subscribers use their emails. (3rd world country and all) So would be great to have the feature of changing the password without email confirmation.

makes it easier to use a generic password initially, and once client logs in, they can change it to whatever.

Not sure I have understood this correctly. I’m thinking that the subscribers password is their PPPoE password, so if they change it they will surely disconnect their PPPoE session? Or have I misunderstood?

All the best


Hi Andrew, I am not referring to subscribers ppp username and passwords, I am referring to a clients log in username and password to be able to view their usage.