Router down with a lot of API activity

Here we go again.

Today I noticed a lot of activity on the API side where a lot of IP try to log in to my router. ( Have a strong Username and password.)

Well some thing is wrong and Zima is no longer communicating. I have done all the steps that was recommended and to the last resort I have reloaded the Zima script and well still no communication. Any one with the same problem?


Zima OVPN is connected but it does not log in. All the settings is setup as from the script, but still Zima does not log in to my router.

Okay here is an update. And i will close this. It seems Zima has a limited retries to log back in to the router. I have added a new router just to check, and it logged in immediately. I have disable my main router and reenable it and it logged in immediately.

Happy new year all. Sorry it is a bit late. Rather late then never.


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Thank you very much
you solved my problem.
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