Required to add a Sub Re-seller by Sub re-seller

Hello Zima Users,
I have recently joined zima and bought a license and using it since 2 weeks. I have an issue that One of my Re-seller offering my services to others and adding them as sub re-seller. One of his sub re-seller demands to add his further sub-re-sellers under his account so that he can see all his users and their sub re-sellers users. there is matter of commission also. But Zima does not allow us to create sub re-seller and sub re-seller. if we move that sub re-seller as a re-seller under admin, then there is no option to calculate the commission for the person who originally brought him to our services.
Mr. Ishtiak is the admin and he added Irfan as Reseller
Now irfan has his sub-Resller Kashif
We have setup service plan in a manner that Mr. irfan getting some commission from Kashif due to rate variation for kashif and irfan.
Now kashif wants to add his own re-seller under his account so that can manage their own sub re-sellers and users. this is not available in the Zima
If we move kashif from sub re-seller to seller under admin then there is no accounting of commission between irfan and kashif. i hope you would understand the issue and please help us to sort it out

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Hello @ishtiak, thanks for the feedback.

Noted, let’s see if this use case is common among other ISPs and we’ll work on it after that.

do it as soon as possible

Please update…