Radius log messages


Dear Team,
Can we be able to view radius log of authentication so that reseller can aware of it?

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Usage Graph to included PPP disconnections


Zima works on a little different way then normal radius,

A radius will either authorise or deauthorise a credentials based on being right or an active credential and log it. Zima instead authorise right credentials based on being correct credentials. Even expired credentials are authorised but provided an IP of blocked IP pool, hence no internet.

For improper credentials trying to log we can find the same on mikrotik log.

This feature request is valuable and may be implemented in the future.


You could also use the log of the mikrotik.


@Killian Yes, as discribed above, Mikrotik log will give log of wrong credentials only, not of expired credentials, since they will be approved by zima but placed in blocked IP pools.

I believe Zima implemented this to avoid expired credentials trying every second to reconnect and adding load to routers.


Mikrotik log shows allocated ip which would site user blocked or allowed. Is this not what is required ?


Dear Killian,
As reseller may not have access of nas/mikrotik, they cannot able to access it. For sysadmin, this is enough to identify :slight_smile:



That’s a fair point Amir