Question about static ip

When I set a static address, sometimes I get conflict with another one in the IP pool.

What is the correct setting to do?

Do you mean the Framed-IP that is set from Zima side?

Could you elaborate more or send a screenshot?


user 1 with static address is offline
user 2 dynamically takes address
and when user 1 goes online the address is duplicated

I can’t offer a photo now

Another thing I noticed is that during the installation of billing. There is no service name in PPP> PPPOE SERVER

Hi @asteryx

Are both the subs on same router?
Share your DHCP config and leases.

i don’t have dhcp configuration.
only pppoe

The problem is that when restarting the router, another client gets the first foreign address that it should not get

Hi asteryx,

To avoid this issue, make sure the framed IP is not part of any online/offline pool, whether allocated by Zima or the router itself.

No other pool, these are public addresses.
I noticed that when I restart the router they duplicate.
Another customer receives the address and does not give it to the owner.

Hi asteryx,

After checking your config, I noticed that you are indeed using Framed IP from within your online pool, which shouldn’t be the case.

You have 2 possible solutions:

  1. Just remove the Framed-IP: The user will then be assigned an IP from the online IP pool (which is a public address pool in your case).
    No problems will occur on restart, and no duplications will occur. However the IP will not be fixed for each subscriber.

  2. If you want a fixed static IP for the user, keep the Framed-IP, but change the online IP pool to a different range: (for example:
    Also this way no conflicts or duplications will occur.

Framed IPs are meant to be used outside the existing pools.

Also your “Framed Routes” are invalid. Just leave it empty for now. Check the tutorials section of the forums.

I’m migrating from another billing system to this one.
I use only 1 pool and distribute public addresses to each client.

Once there is a billing system, I think it should work properly.
My question is how to set static addresses correctly?

I don’t think you understand what I’m talking about.

Hi asteryx,
I will simplify it for you. Try this solution, perform both steps below:

1- Edit your Online Pool as such:
Range =

2- Go to the subscribers page:
For each subscriber, enter a public IP in the Framed IP field.

Then your problem will be solved.
Hope this helps.

I don’t want to manually set an address for everyone.
But if it is a temporary solution, I will do it.


Another workaround would be as follows:

Let’s say you have a range of 50 public IPs, and you are giving 10 fixed IPs, and the rest is dynamic.

Edit your IP pool as follows:

x.x.x.1-x.x.x.40 (use the dashed format)

Then for subscribers with fixed IP, set the framed IP manually starting from x.x.x.41 till x.x.x.50

The bottom line is, your framed IPs must be outside your pools to prevent conflicts.

You can add multiple ranges, as needed, to achieve this goal.

Must be done with one ip pool.
The question is whether it can be done with one ip pool.

The use case described can be solved by fixing the misconfig.

To do so, please share the IP pool range
and the Framed IP. Specify the necessary details with screenshots and be specific so we can guide you better.

Otherwise feel free to contact our webchat support so we could assit you to solve the issue because it is definitely a misconfig and not a bug.

Share screen shot with details , how to use it.

To prevent IP conflicts (Framed IP <> IP Pool):

IP addresses below are for demonstration only

1- Edit your subscriber:

  • Framed IP:

2- On the IP Pools Page:

  • IP Ranges:

You can have multiple ranges per router as shown below: