PPPoE Profile (set queue type to default)

Hi, could you set the queue type to default rather than default-small in the PPPoE profile, as this has an adverse effect on speeds.

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Default-small is used as default. Packet size = 10
Using default will considerably increase the processor load Packet Size = 50

Speed remains same in both cases,
Packet processing happens much faster,

Default-small is suggested if you are using RB series router, in case you are using CCR series router you can opt for default packet size.

But currently to be done manually in pppoe>profiles.

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Would this be set back to default-small if the router was resynced?

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Yes, it will revert.

Can you provide some real work diffrence that you can feel after changing from default-small to default, may be we can convince the developing team to change it.

Currently i am using ~350 pppoe session on CCR Router with default-small profile with no packet loss issue or speed issue.


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We too have around 300 pppoe sessions per CCR router, we find that running default-small queues on PPPoE restricts bandwidth by around 50% when load testing.

Changing it to default fixes the problem.

There are many threads about this over at the Mikrotik forums.

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