Permission restrict to Reseller

username changeable from reseller and user delete from reseller .please stop these two permissions for reseller…

It’s the resellers who will be managing his subscribers so I would vote against this.

Admin won’t be able to handle resellers plus their subscribers

I would not see any benefit to this either, against.

why they want to change the username … If re seller del the username after that there is some cyber crime issue how should i come to knw about that username .

  1. It is the resellers responsibility to maintain data of his customer.

  2. If you really want to avoid handing rights to resellers, why give it to him on the first point.
    Create PPP account under admin section and hand him only username password to connect at his CPE.

  3. Your agreement with your resellers should be in lieu with department of telecom showing that the resellers who have to provide data of subscribers as and when requested. Failing to which he is held responsible for answering to DoT, assuring he doesn’t act smart.