Payment issue from debit card (MasterCard)

I am from India. Try to payment zima from SBI MasterCard . but can’t payment.
Any one Indian who use zima, please help me. How to pay?

Checked the error log of the payment, it gives the following detail:

Inactive card or card not authorized for card-not-present transactions. Request a different card or other form of payment

If you can try with another card, probably this card does not permit payment online.

Errot message : Transaction decline. information details is wrong.
But I get OTP from my bank.

It means that the bank is receiving that your card is being used. So the information details are correct.

The suspected cause is mostly that this card type is not authorized for online payment or payment outside the country.
If you can use another card (Internet card type), try it again.

Any other way to payment zima?

Another option would be using a different card that supports online payment