Payment Enquiry/ Intergration

Greetings Am Kind of New here… Good work On Zima Cloud, Super and simplified ISP App …Can your system Integrate with `Mpesa Payment system for African ISPs users specially In Kenya as our subscribers use this mode of payment for convenience.
Lastly on the sms notifications do i add on a custom sms provider e.g popular in Kenya is africa is talking or you provide it as bundled in your premium subscription.
Kind Regards,

John .

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Hello @admin4

Thanks for your feedback!

Concerning the MPesa:
We are still working on that. We will be releasing that soon.

Concerning SMS, the release will contain a Notifications feature that works with email at first.

We will later expand it to include: SMS, Whatsapp, Telegram, Web push.

We will keep you updated of the releases here.

Looking forward to comments and questions.

Happy continuation!