One Button - ReSync Router

This option will definitely help to clear issues in future, resulting from broken links to vpn or router changes or router restore to previous backup.

ReSync - Everything - A definite must have

Thanks @hssindigo :thumbsup:

Exactly, this feature is already planned.

Will update this thread once it’s released

Update: Resync Router feature released

Feature Description:
When router is added to reseller in Zima cloud, it propagates settings automatically to Router(Mikrotik). All good.

In case admin restores Mikrotik backup or resets Mikrotik config he needs to go to Zima cloud delete router and recreate new one, move all resellers and users to new router. Delete old router. It’s a big hassle.

Solution: Resync router button
Now with Resync feature, when reset Mikrotik config or restore backup, he only needs to click Resync router button in /settings/routers/ section, Select router /Other.

This button triggers the propagation algorithm that deals with the related Mikrotik. No need to delete and recreate router in order to have the settings propagate again, only click on Resync button.

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