No email for notifications

I have cheaked now for the emails again no emails to indicat tgat my routers is off. One was off for 2hours and now again one is off for 20min…

Thanks for the feedback.
The expected behaviour is that after 15min of disconnection, it sends you an email notification with the following content:

ZIMA has been unable to reach router **r123** of **isp123** for the past 15 minutes.

Possible causes:

* The router has lost Internet access
* The Mikrotik API port 8728 has been blocked
* Zima OpenVPN client interface has been disabled, or deleted
* is unreachable from the router

If you are facing any connectivity problems, check our [connectivity troubleshooting guide](

If you have any further questions, you can reply directly to this email.

Zima Support Team

We will debug your use case to see what could be the reason.

Thanks again for your feedback, feel free to reach out for any further questions!

Thank you for the response.

It would be nice if you could debug the problem of the email notification.

I live in a country with loadsheding and it would be nice to see if any routers goes offline so i can make alternative preparations.

Thank you.

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