Modem connected but PPPOE not metering

I have just added our office using a PPPOE Gargoyle router to the Zima cloud.
Unfortunately something appears to be wrong?

The local office system was connected Friday last week but always show the connection time at 11m and the data is not accumulating. It is showing in green but I don’t think it is really connected.

I have since resynced the router and performed a block / unblock on the subscriber to see if the communications will come back.

This morning the connection time seems to have now changed to 13 Hours which is the correct since the resync…
However the gigabytes of data that were recorded by the router in the last 4 days have failed to show in the accumulators
Please can you help me understand what has gone wrong here and what counter measurs we should introduce to catch a subscriber who is inadvertantly getting free unmetered internet usage?

also sent to support email and answered there.
possibly the router is disconnected. To check, go to /settings/routers, status should be active.

Router is active and showing green. Have do a reseunc but to no avail.
I can see data on the VPN in the Microtic.
I dont know what else to check

Hello can anyone assist.
I am a bit new to Microtik and Zima.
I have the following screenshot from my Microtik and have been told by Zima support the following

“Zima metering extracts the existing data in the simple queues.
If the traffic info is not logged in the interfaces it will not be logged in the queues either, in your case it is a constant 0.”

I am not sure what the constant zero is that they are talking about.
Is this the FP (fast path) meters?
If so how can I check where the fastpath should be turned on?

Also does anyone know the individual commands to add to a microtic that will configure it the same as the Zima script so I can see what may have changed?


Think it may be an issue with the Zima cloud as I am currently testing the setup and I don’t see any green line where the devices are connected.

BTW Hi all :slight_smile:

I have green for my PPOE connected devices but they are not accumulating any data usage so my customers now have free uncapped internet.

Check your service plans to see if youre quota interval is not set to zero.

Or check the Mikrotik and look under Simple Queues to see if the rules for connected clients are written in there

Quotas look to be OK however 12:00am - 12-00 am does that mean 24 hours or Zero hours

Zima have not replied to any of my emails for 24 hours now and we are not metering any data.
Can anyone explian what Zima support mean by this please.
I have attached the screenshots and I dont know what is a constant 0 ???

Thanks for the tip…
Simple Queues appear to be OK?

Would you believe that I have contacted them yesterday with a query via messenger on FB and got through pretty quickly.

Last time I had support it was on whats app…
I think these guys have too many methods of communication to prioritise properly.
I have no intenion of using whats app, facebook or twatter… I will leave that to the kids.
The support email and forum should surely be where they look first.
We are a professional ISP and we certainly cannot tolerate being ignored when all of our metering has stopped.

It appears we had far better support when we were on trial.
Since we paid, something has gone wrong and we got one cryptic reply which we cannot understand and it appears that no one else can help us understnad it either.

Sadly I now feel compelled to look at alternatives.
if I dont get metering with the small amount of connections I have we will be out of business before we start.
I am just arranging a trial of ibill and ironwifi.