Microtik PPPoE beginners help required I must be doing this wrong?

Hello I have configured my Microtic and Zima cloud according to the instructions.
The Router shows up green in Zima Cload and the VPN says connected.

Now to get the PPPoE working

I have used the quicksetup to change the Wan port to PPPoE and added the username and password.
I apply and press connect but it just keeps timing out.
Am I doing this correctly?


WAN port is the port where you connect to internet source to Mikrotik.

Example Setup.

Ether1 - Wan setup for Mikrotik Internet Source

Select Router in Zima Cloud and under Pppoe server select ether2
ether2 is your lan port which runs pppoe server and connect clients to mikrotik.

Hope it helps

Hi, Yes helps a great deal, until last night I thought MTK was a PPPoe Client, now I know its the server it makes better sense.
It appears there may be a MTK version mismatch with Zima support is helping me with that now.

Thanks again

Hello I was getting some support from Zima last night but we all got so tired we failed to finish.
I have setup s simp;le hex lite in the following way
As advised downgraded to 6.34.5

ether1 (Wan) (this is the subnet of my router on .240 that connects to the local internet)
ether2 (Lan) (this is my lan gateway)
Nat masquerade

Laptop fixed IP Gateway DNS
I can ping and browse.
Cool I now have a vey simple router.

Now to get some communication going with Zima
I add the script.
The VPN connects.
My router on Zima cload says active.

I can still ping and browse from my laptop. (I am not sure if that is good or bad)

Now I am stuck…
How do I get my laptop to authenticate and how do I get Zima to measure my data usage?

Can anyone give me the next few steps so I can understand how this all fits together


OK got some great support from Zima and all working OK now.
Ping internet on TCP/IP is normal.
Used a Draytek 2830 as the PPPoE client and connect 100% so connectivity issues all OK
Thanks Zima you Rock

Stewart: “I can still ping and browse from my laptop. (I am not sure if that is good or bad)”

Thats the way “” should work, sometimes its bad, trying to find a way to block internet in Mikrotik for source other than PPPoE traffic.

I will just ensure DHCP is off.
Thanks for the help

But a manual ip will do it.

It’s up in Mikrotik forum to filter data apart from Ppp encapsulated, let’s see if they come up with something.